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by Karen on May 12, 2013

A Second Me Offers Services with Heart

Fairfax, VA
February, 2011

Karen Prante - A Second Me Errand Service

Karen with Nathan

Small business owner Karen Prante puts her money where her heart is.  After years of learning how to care for her special needs family, Karen created A Second Me Errand Service, LLC.  A Second Me is an errand service with a purpose.  The company specializes in helping families with special needs children and/or those caring for aging parents.  Karen knows what these families need.  She has poised her company to provide them the support they may not be able to find under traditional health care plans or through government services.

A Second Me was born out of owner Karen Prante’s personal experience.  In 2006, she was working for a Fortune 500 company, caring for her son with special needs, and moving her aging mother into her basement guest room.  Karen quickly learned she could not manage life as it had become on her own.  She needed help.  Lots of it.

She found that even hiring help was not an obvious process due to her family’s special needs.  Karen needed skilled home health care workers for her son, a senior companion for her mother, and household help just to survive.  She found herself having to navigate the complicated world of Specialist Referrals, Insurance claims, Medicare paperwork, and Medicaid Waivers.

By trial and error, Karen learned how to manage her complicated life.  She had a vision that she could help others in her similar situation.  So she quit her day job, and founded A Second Me Errand Service, LLC.

“Families with special needs children and those caring for an elderly parent need coordinated care,” says Prante.  “My company provides services that range from running simple errands like picking up a prescription to helping a family apply for Medicaid Waivers.”

Companies like A Second Me truly fill a service gap in the special needs community.  With diminishing government programs and an ever aging population, more and more families are going to find themselves looking for help.

Nancy Mercer, co-Executive Director of The Arc, a non-profit membership organization that represents and serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the Northern Virginia area, is thrilled to see people like Karen able to offer such informed, experienced help.  “Families with disabilities are always looking for help,” Mercer explains, “and when government or community based help is too complicated to manage or just not there, it’s great to know that businesses like A Second Me are focusing on that population.”

A Second Me currently serves the Northern Virginia area. Learn more about the company’s errand services.  Karen can be reached at or 703.830.3996.

Interview contact:
Karen Prante, Owner

A Second Me Errand Service, LLC.
5094 Brentwood Farm Drive
Fairfax, VA  22030


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