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by Karen on May 1, 2014

Our clients have taught us so much over the years.  One thing we have learned is how individual we all (or maybe we should say “we each”) are.  Most of us have endless to do lists, and those lists share a lot of tasks – we all have to eat, shop, pay bills, do laundry, pick up whatever/whoever/wherever, etc.  The difference among those lists is how we feel about each task – apparently we have strong opinions about what we WANT to do among those HAVE to dos….

We realized our clients unique tastes when we were trying to “simplify” the list of services we offer (which is huge, btw).  We were working on some new brochures, and our designer said “so, what are your most popular services?”  We looked at our records over the past few years, and realized there is no such thing.  We have done whatever folks needed us to do which was hundreds of discrete tasks.dishes

So we started Googling what tasks people least like doing.  The same tasks showed up repeatedly, but there was no “winner” (or loser as it was).  The little things – like taking out the trash, changing the cat litter, washing dishes – didn’t rank as favorites very often.  And we can help with them should you like us to, but we’ve found (and the internet agreed, so it must be a truth), that the tasks that take more time are even less popular.

mount laundryGrocery shopping is a love/hate task – even in our office. Karen loves checking out the aisles while Cynda would rather have the goods just show up on her shelf (complete with chef to whip up the meal).  Organizing also hits that category – Julie’s really good at it and can work her way through a “pile” in no time while Karen wonders what happened to the desk  she “just cleaned.”

So just like our customers, we have our faves and not so faves.  What we have learned as we’ve helped folks with tasks is that your least fave to-dos end up pushed to the bottom of your list and stare back with what you’d swear is an attitude.  Those long over due tasks can snowball into over large problems if left to their own devices.

paperwork managerCleaning out a closet between seasons is much easier than cleaning it between decades. We’re currently working with a lovely client who’s asked us to help with paperwork – that she hasn’t properly managed for over two years.  We’re setting up a system with her (including digitizing documents to reduce current and future paper problems) so the paperwork task may come up a few notches on her “despised tasks ranking.” And as a result, she may hate it just enough less that she’ll do it – and won’t find herself with a fearsome pile of papers ever again.

If you have a task you love least in life, share it with us in the comments.  We’ll add it to our list of things we’re happy to do for you!


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