Ever Want to Outsource Your Chores?

by Karen on September 23, 2014

The never-ending to do list for working parents seems to start and end with keeping everyone fed.  Shopping, prepping, cooking, finding the kids to actually sit down at the table…  Dinner can become the “heavy sigh” moment at the end of each weekday.

Family_eating_at_a_table_(2)To those of you who know us and already use A Second Me as your go-to for help, it should come as no surprise that we can take dinner time from a scramble to a sit down moment for all.  We have many clients who rely on us to help with meals and all things food related.

Grocery shopping is a popular service, but if you need more help getting the meal prepared, we can do more than deliver the goods themselves.

A local Fairfax family with three kids and working parents hires us to come in one hour a day to prep meals.  We are that extra set of hands for this family.  They want healthy, homemade dinners for their kids, and that takes more time than they have at hand.  We’ll bring the groceries to you, put them away, prep meals, or finish the entire task.  Dinner done.

ph_food_prepWe thought we’d celebrate the coming fall weather with you and our family of five in Fairfax, VA.  We’ve delivered some great comfort meals to our clients in the past, and the cool weather has inspired us to pull out these great recipes for 2014!  You’ll want to check these out – make them on your own or call us and have them delivered to your door!

Potato Soup Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is a Karen kitchen staple.  In addition to having a personality the size of whatever western state she inhabits, her cooking is DOWN HOME.  Fantastic.  Her Potato Soup is a great example of a recipe that seems “basic”, but it turns out a soup that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Check it out here:  Pioneer Potato Soup Recipe



If you’re more into a slow cooker get-dinner-done-by-8am kind of a day, try this Chicken Thai Soup.  It doesn’t require any sauteing or prep other than cutting some stuff up.  This Thai Soup can be a great break from the chilis and stews that normally (happily) bubble away in the crock pot.

Thai Soup Recipe

Ginger Carrot Soup Food NetworkLast but totally not least is the Ginger Carrot Soup Julie makes for our lovely senior clients.  It’s a warming, creamy bowl of good for your belly – that fresh ginger will perk up anyone’s gastro-happy level.  It has but 6 ingredients plus salt and pepper.  Easy peasy.

Ginger Carrot Soup Recipe


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