Taking Care of Seniors and Special Needs Loved Ones – Remotely!

by Karen on November 17, 2014

Taking care of our Seniors who live at home.

Peace of mind for seniors living at home.

We’re always looking for the next great thing to help us take care of our family – even when we’re not “there.”  We just came across this great product called Evermind.

Evermind remote communication technology with our seniors iving alone.

Evermind communicates for us.

What’s it do?

Evermind lets you monitor your elderly parents or even a special needs kid or adult by keeping track of the use of up to three appliances in the home.  So when mom wants to live on her own, and you can’t help but worry, Evermind lets you know if and when she makes her coffee, opens her garage door, uses a hair dryer, or more.

Evermind Plug in used to track use of appliances by seniors and special needs adults living independently

Evermind’s simple plug in – no tools, no mess.

Evermind keeps communication open with our loved ones living alone.

Attach appliances used daily with Evermind to track usage.

So instead of worrying or calling every few hours to check in, you can watch your loved ones as they move through their day.  From coffee, to TV, to leaving for golf.  You can opt for text messages or web updates that you check on your own schedule. Peace of mind technology style!

How much?

It’s about $200 to invest in the plug ins and a monthly fee of $30 – no contracts or confusion.  No need even to have internet access at the home.  It’s built in.  Such a great way to share the day with your beloved seniors from afar.

Evermind can be a good step toward independence.  As your loved ones need more support to live on their own, let us know how we can help.  It’s our specialty – we love spending time with seniors in their homes making them safe and most importantly making both you and them comfortable.


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