The Social Senior: What it means to grow old together.

by Karen on February 10, 2015

A big part of our business is supporting our seniors one-on-one. Truly face to face, personal service.  We establish relationships with our senior clients – it’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about being there for our clients and their families.

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Karen’s history with hiring help for her special needs son and her aging mother was such an education for her – she was bringing helpers into her home, and she valued getting to know them and trust them with her little one. To this day, she still has some of her son’s nurses come to family parties – and it’s been years since they’ve worked for her.

We have a senior couple we have supported for a while now.  They live in a local community where they met – they’re a hot young couple by relationship standards.  They’ve been going steady (if anyone uses that term anymore) for a few years.  He’s 90+ and she’s pushing it.

Seniors talking over dinnerThey are such great, independent people – and they’ve taught us so much about keeping “real” company with our seniors as we complete their tasks.  If you think about your own needs for company, a room full of strangers for dinner may not be your first choice.  But when we hear about the importance of social contact for seniors, it’s tempting to see the room full of folks at a senior community and think “well that takes care of that.”

We’ve been educated – our senior couple has admitted to eating off hours in their community’s dining room specifically to avoid the crowds.  And in the interest of complete honesty, their reasoning was “to avoid the blowhards telling the same stories over and over.”

What our couple most appreciates is being able to share with someone who knows them and being able to rely on each other.  The connection they’ve found in their late years is the best thing that could have happened to their social life.  It’s an intimate social connection vs. social congregation without connection.

Seniors sharing a momentIt is a tall order to think we can establish connections on behalf of our aging loved ones, but it’s something to consider when you’re working with them on retirement living arrangements or planning activities they’d most enjoy. You know your folks the best – if they’re into big crowds, then Bingo in a larger community may be the answer.  If they tend more toward quiet gatherings, communities that offer smaller groups or activities may prove more comfortable.

A Second Me really does what we can to meet our seniors where they are and take them where they want to be – figuratively (although we literally do the same!)  We know that gray hair and all, our seniors are just people with needs, wants, and opinions that matter.  It makes us feel great when we can make a meaningful connection and BE there for them as well as DO for them.

Contact Karen to find out more about our personalized service. We offer an initial free consultation to be sure we understand your needs and are prepared to take care of you – your way!


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