Case Study: Recovering from Injury? We Can Help!

by Karen on March 9, 2015

One of our dear senior clients had an injury recently where he ended up hospitalized for a few days and then required physical therapy.  We were so gratified to be able to help him through his ordeal and get him back home and comfortable in short order!Senior Physical Therapy Recovery Walking

The back injury was the result of getting out of bed – a bed that was too low for our tall, 93 year old client.  He strained his back and ended up in the hospital for pain control and initial therapies.

Seniors' comfort is important during a hospital stay.He was hanging in there as best as he could given the pain, so we worked with his significant other to set him up with a fresh pillow and we brought him some comfort items from home.  It’s amazing what some home favorites can do to make a hospital stay less dreary.

When it was time for physical therapy, we had to outfit him from head to toe.  He’s a very formal guy – dress shirts, slacks and shined shoes.  When he went to the PT appointments, we supplied him with sweat suit, t-shirts and tennies.  He bravely tolerated the wardrobe, but we’re pretty sure he knew we were on his side!

Physical Therapy Stretching Recovery

Before he was released to come home, our last stop was his home.  Where we set him up with all the supplies he’d need for a few days of relaxing.  And, most importantly, we raised his bed – we bought the “feet” you can put under each leg of the bed and lifted it to a height that made it much easier for our senior to get in and out.  Anything we could do to reduce the chance of re-injury.

Bed Height Adjusting Feet Can Ease Senior's Efforts at getting into and out of bed each dayHe is home, safe and sound. We were there for him and his health care support team to make his life easier and his recovery speedier.  That’s our specialty – we’re not home health. We’re there for folks who may not quite need that level of support.  At our seniors’ beck and call – gladly.

If we can help you and your senior loved ones with anything you may need, please let us know.  Contact ASM with a click!

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