We Are Partnering with Sweet Tree Wellness! Eat Clean in 2016!

by Karen on December 9, 2015

We are partnering with Sweet Tree Wellness!

We are partnering with Sweet Tree Wellness!

Back in October a friend of mine, and fellow entrepreneur, offered an Autumn Cleanse through her company, Sweet Tree Wellness. I had never done a cleanse before and decided to try it in support of her and in the hopes that it might make me feel better and less tired during the day. The program lasted two weeks with an optional additional week. I chose to do all three weeks and was so glad I did because the results at the end of the third week were amazing. I was less tired–I no longer wanted to take a nap at 2 in the afternoon. I significantly reduced the sugar cravings that had been plaguing me before the program and I lost some weight as a bonus. I had such a great experience that I’m partnering with Sweet Tree Wellness to offer shopping and meal preparation services for their next program in January. More on that later!

To follow the cleanse, I was told to eliminate dairy, gluten, and all processed foods—eating instead lots of whole, clean foods like lean meats, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies. I had to drink a ton of water and could have regular healthy snacks such as almonds, guacamole, apple slices, and other types of fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t always easy because eating things different from what I was used was uncomfortable at first, and in the beginning I really craved the sugars and carbs I was accustomed to. But there was one strategy that made me successful.

Changing my diet wasn’t that hard as long as my meals were prepped and ready to go. It turned out that this was key for the other participants as well. A little bit of meal preparation time helped us all easily stay on the program. Problem is, we don’t all have the time we’d like to prep the healthy meals we want to eat. However, since I was committed to the cleanse, prepping my food in advance became a priority.

I didn’t have time to make separate meals for my family, so my husband and daughter had to eat cleaner as a result of my eating cleaner. They gladly tried all the recipes and enjoyed them.  In fact, we now have a few new favorites to add to our normal meal planning, even off the cleanse.

From breakfasts of chia seed pudding to Moroccan Carrot Lentil Soup, we tried a wide array of new and delicious meals. The cashew crusted cod and spiced beef with butternut squash were two of my favorites. I was so impressed with the results of the cleanse, and of the recipes that Sweet Tree Wellness offers, that I have decided to partner with Sweet Tree Wellness for their new 2016 program, Clean Eating Challenge, and I hope you consider enrolling for a post-holiday health clean-up.

With The Clean Eating Challenge you will receive a cleanse guide, recipes, daily tracking log, daily plan, shopping list and transition and maintenance plan for when the cleanse is over.  For support, all the participants use a private Facebook group to share anything they want during the 2 weeks:  recipes, likes/dislikes, if they are cheating, what is hard for them, what lessons they’ve learned, etc.

My business, A Second Me, will be offering meal prep, shopping, or a combination of both to make the program a breeze to follow. This is my first partnership with another business but I believe in this cleanse and the results so much that I immediately wanted to help others feel this way too.

If you are interested in joining the Clean Eating Challenge contact Jill Wolff. We will be sharing prices and details about our complete package (Clean Eating Challenge + Meal Prep and Shopping Help) in a couple weeks! Space is limited so be on the lookout for more information from me soon! Get ready to feel better and sleep better in 2016!

Karen Prante

Owner of A Second Me





Jill Wolff

Certified Health Coach




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