A Second Me is Here to Help You Get Healthy in 2016!

by Karen on December 23, 2015

Clean Eating ResetA Second Me is very excited to team up with Sweet Tree Wellness (Read our experience with Sweet Tree Wellness Here) Sweet Tree Wellness is launching their Clean Eating Reset 2016 (more details here) and A Second Me is going to help you make it as easy as possible to start and jump in with both feet!

A Second Me is offering grocery shopping, meal prep, or a combination of both. All you have to do is commit to 14 days of eating clean and focus on your goals and eating habits. We will do the shopping and meal prep for you!  It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

Package A: Shopping

We will shop for all of the ingredients on the sample menu provided by Sweet Tree Wellness. We will shop at your favorite grocery store and drop off and put away the groceries. If you want, you can leave a cooler outside and we will put the groceries in the cooler so they are all there when you return home.

Cost: $50  (plus the cost of food)

*Travel is within a 5-mile radius of A Second Me (22030). There will be an additional mileage surcharge for locations farther than 5 miles.

Package B: Meal Prep

A Second Me will come to your house and prep a selection of meals suggested by Sweet Tree Wellness to get you ready to start the program with ease. We will chop, dice, slice the ingredients and cook them for you! We will then store them in your refrigerator. All you have to do is heat it up. 

Week 1: 4 recipes (1 soup, 1 salad, and first 2 dinners from the sample menu)

Total for the week: $75

Week 2: 4 recipes of your choice.

Total for the week: $75

Purchase both weeks for $150

*All meals will be prepared in your home kitchen

Package C: Combo of Shopping and Meal Prep

A combination of both shopping and meal prep as stated above.

1 week: $125 (plus the cost of food)

2 weeks: $250 (plus the cost of food)

** All packages are customizable. Call A Second Me to learn more or to schedule your appointment. www.asecondme.com or 703-830-3996

The program fee for the Clean Eating Reset is separate from these services. Check out all the details at Sweet Tree Wellness and get ready to take back your health this New Year.

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