4 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Home and Find More Time!

by Karen on January 23, 2016

4 Steps to DeclutterJanuary is always a good time to organize and declutter our homes. We all seem to have more stuff than the year before. The aftermath of the busy holidays, paired with the fact that you received more gifts and more stuff, doesn’t help with the clutter. It can all seem very overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing. Just looking at the piles of magazines and dishes, makes anyone want to forget it all and curl up on the couch instead. You are not alone. It does feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. There is a solution and there is help!

Here are 4 easy steps to getting started with the decluttering process and finding more time to do the things you enjoy doing!  

1. Grab the Low Hanging Fruit-Start with the easy stuff. Grab a garbage bag (or two) and walk through each room slowly. What can be thrown out? Receipts? Old cords? Magazines? Papers? Use one bag for garbage and the other bag for donations. Throw out things that you haven’t touched in months. Give away clothes that you don’t even remember buying, let alone wearing. You will be surprised how much there is to get rid of. Don’t worry about sentimental or stuff you like. Just look at that which you know you do not need.

*Once the pile is created, call A Second Me! We will come to you and pick up your pile, take it to the donation center, and even pick up a receipt for you! How is that for quick and easy?

2. Pick a Drawer-We all have “that” drawer. You know the one. It is usually in your kitchen. It is filled with pens, scissors, batteries, pacifiers, chapstick, matches, rubber bands, you name it, it’s probably there. Pull out the drawer and sit it on the ground. Go through each item and toss what you no longer need. If you need it, set it aside and decide where to put it. Perhaps it belongs in the drawer. Most likely it should go in the bathroom or in the garage. Put things in their place and organize that which should truly live in the drawer.

3. Open the Closet– Whether it is the hall closet, or your bedroom closet, closets are pretty easy to declutter. They are usually chalked full of stuff and most of the stuff in there isn’t stuff we typically use on a daily basis. Go through your hall closet and pull out the coats that no longer fit or the mittens that haven’t had a match since 3 winters ago. If you have seasonal items, grab a plastic set of drawers and label them. Summer items could go in one drawer, and fall and winter in the other. Your clothes closet is always fun to go through too. Pull out the clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months. Yes, even the ones that you think you will wear this summer if you just find the right pants to match. Get rid of them. Trust me.

*A Second Me can help you organize closets too! We will purchase the plastic drawers and tubs, bring them to your house, and help you organize the items that you know you will use.

4. The Garage– Oh the garage! Weren’t garages made for cars? So, why do we pile every box and toy we can find into the garage? Grab a couple boxes and go through your garage. Tossing that old sand pail that is cracked and faded or donating the pair of rollers skates nobody has ever tried on. You won’t miss any of it, and it will feel good to have extra space again.

*A Second Me has a warm place in our hearts for garages. Well, not really. But we are good at cleaning them out. Let us know if you want help. We will bring the garbage bags and get down to work!

There you have it. 4 easy steps to start the decluttering process. This isn’t going to get you to a completely clutter-free home, but it sure will feel good to get rid of some of the stuff holding you back. Once you have finished these steps, reward yourself. Take the kids out for ice cream or go on a long walk. Bask in the glory of knowing you are one step closer to a clean and tidy home.

Interested in having A Second Me help you with this process? Give us a call 703-830-3996 or email us at info@asecondme.com


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