Going on vacation? Let A Second Me take care of things while you are away!

by Karen on July 22, 2016

Let us take care of things while you are away!

Let us take care of things while you are away!

Is there a vacation coming up on your horizon? How exciting! But…what about your elderly parent? Your neighbor? A friend? Sometimes it’s difficult to fully relax when you leave for a trip, knowing you’re leaving them behind.

Try doing a run-through of their home before you leave. Do a quick check to make sure there is nothing in the way for them to trip on, secure rugs and mats to avoid a slip, remind them to leave the bathroom lights on in the evening, and organize their daily medications. Taking steps like these to prepare can help you feel more at ease while you’re away.

However, leaving them alone can still weigh on your shoulders.

Stop stressing right now, because A Second Me can help! If you need, we’ll visit during the day to check on them and make sure they are comfortable. We also offer transportation services and errand services (psst, we’re seeing a worry-free vacation ahead of you!). We can take them to appointments, pick up prescriptions, or head to the grocery store. Our team will easily prep meals for the week and ensure the house is clean. In addition, if it’s not too hot and they are able, we’ll accompany them on a walk to enjoy some fresh summer air!   

While you’re at it, might as well let us help YOU too! Tackle two birds with one stone by having us take care of typical out-of-town chores like picking up the mail, watering plants, or filling up your fridge with milk and eggs right before your return.

We take the safety of your loved ones very seriously and want you to be able to enjoy a vacation just knowing they are in good hands. Contact us to see how we can specifically help you and your loved ones.   

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