10 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

by Karen on December 15, 2016

Ready to find your perfect gift?

Ready to find your perfect gift?

The holiday season is here! We hope you’ve been enjoying decorations, hot cocoa, and holiday shopping! However, some of us still need to check people off our lists, which is why we’ve put together 10 simple and easy gift ideas for you to tackle!

Hot Chocolate Ornaments


These ornaments are the cutest gifts for all ages! All you have to do is fill a plastic ornament with your favorite hot chocolate mix and add whatever toppings you would like! You could even decorate the outside of the ornament with ribbons or drawings.

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub


If you know someone who loves bath and body products, this scrub is for you! The recipe calls for easy ingredients like sugar, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Don’t have those on hand? Call us to go pick them up for you!

Sugar Cookies in a Jar


Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? Edible gifts are incredibly easy to put together and they are perfect on their own or as an addition to a gift basket or stocking!

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments


If you have little ones, this ornament craft is a must-do! Family and friends will love seeing the tiny handprints hanging on their tree and it adds a more personal touch to your gift.

Personalized Snowman Mugs


These adorable mugs might just take the cake for easiest gift idea of 2016! All you need are plain mugs, a permanent marker, and an oven. Yes, it’s that easy! This is also a great craft idea for any holiday party!

Gift Card Snow Globe


Some people feel that gift cards are impersonal, but we’ve found a way to fix that! Forget just sticking it in an envelope, this gift card snow globe is fun, easy, and unique!

Christmas Candles


As it gets colder, there’s nothing better than getting cozy in your living room with a warm candle lit nearby. From reindeer, to elves, to snowmen, these Christmas candles are an adorable gift idea!

Reindeer Rice Krispies


What a sweet treat! You can bundle these little reindeer together or package them individually to pass out to your friends and family. Better yet, pair them with a Hot Chocolate Ornament!

Instagram Magnets


These magnets are not only adorable, but they are a great excuse to go through your phone and actually print some of the pictures you take! Whether you have wintery scenes you want to share or more personalized photos, these magnets are a the perfect option for a DIY gift craft!

Tea Wreath


Do you know someone who isn’t a big fan of hot chocolate? Then this tea wreath is definitely the gift for them! Fill this decorative wreath with your friend’s favorite teas and maybe pair it with one of those adorable snowman mugs.

As always, if you need help crafting these gifts or getting the supplies to do so, let us know! A Second Me loves the holiday season and we want to help make yours magical. You can stay inside, warm and cozy, while we brave the cold and bring you whatever you need to cross everyone off your gift list! Don’t forget to read more about how we can help make your holiday season a breeze!

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