Seeking Care Out of State

by Karen on March 3, 2017

Seeking Care Out of State

Caring for an elderly parent, while rewarding, can also be very difficult to manage. Constantly ensuring that their fridge is stocked with meals that are easy to cook or heat up, filling prescriptions and making sure that your parent is taking their medication on time, and checking in on your loved one to keep them company can be time consuming and may leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Now imagine having to do all this, but with a parent living in another state or country.

For family members living in the northern Virginia area, A Second Me can help manage some of the stress in your life while aiding an elderly parent. A Second Me runs errands, picks up prescriptions, helps meal prep, and even visits your parents to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and have someone to talk to for a few hours in the day. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have family close by. For example, the owner of A Second Me, Karen Prante, has a parent who lives in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Her father lives by himself and she wishes that there was a service similar to A Second Me to help her father in North Carolina. Knowing that you have someone in the area you can trust to check in on your parents is priceless. So, if you need some help finding a care service in the same vicinity as your parent, keep reading to find some resources. We’ll be focusing specifically on finding resources in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, but the process is the same for any other state.

ICLM Directory

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The ICLM Directory is The International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Network. Formed by Katharine C. Giovanni in 2000, this online portal allows users to search for concierge services by state. This allows each user to find a service that meets their specific needs in their desired location. Each search offers users multiple entries with contact information of each service, as well as the link for their corresponding website so that you can do a little research and learn more about each service before you commit. Here’s the link to the directory to help get your search for care out of state started. Logo - Seeking Care Out of State

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If you’re not looking for a specific company that provides services such as those offered by A Second Me, check out lets you search by area of interest and then scroll through various postings written by people seeking to fulfill assisted living services for those in the area. With the ability to search by service, area, and urgency of care needed, you are sure to find someone to help check in on your elderly parent and provide errand services as needed. Once you’ve found some potential people to help you out, you can request background information, references, and conduct interviews to ensure that the person you’re hiring is the best fit for you and your parent. Get started searching for care out of state on here.



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When all else fails, and you’d like to find a specific company that provides services similar to those offered by A Second Me, pull up Google on your browser and do a simple search. To find services located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, I simply searched “senior care in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.” With this search, 181,000 results appeared. In order to save myself time looking through each search result, I looked at the brief overview that Google provides at the top of the page. Listed, were five places that matched the criteria of my Google search. This modified list provided by Google offers the company’s location on a map, a link to their website, and their basic contact information. Once I reviewed their websites and basic information, I found one place that matched my criteria, and another company that provided services that Karen’s father could potentially benefit from. My first choice for care outside of Virginia was Visiting Angels Living Assistance, which provides similar errand services offered by A Second Me. They aid in meal prepping, remind those being cared for to take medication, and engage in social care as needed. My second choice was the Thomas A. Baum Senior Center. While this is not a company that specifically offers home visits and care, the senior center provides activities and classes to help with their taxes, socialize with other community members, and partake in various programs and activities that may be of interest. This may be a great solution for those seeking companionship activities for your elderly parent versus at-home care.

Although your parent may live in a different state from you, there’s no need to stress. Simply follow our three resource guidelines and you’ll be sure to find a care solution that meets your standards. Help is everywhere; you just have to know where to look.

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