Stress Free: Easier Than You Think

by Karen on March 24, 2017

Save yourself from stress with A Second eStress seems to follow us at all stages of life – from juggling school assignments and extracurriculars, to starting your own family and maintaining your career. While these milestones bring an enormous amount of joy in life, they inevitably bring stress that is often difficult to overcome by yourself. So, to help you out, we found this Huffington Post article explaining 8 tips to reduce stress in your life, but we condensed it down to our favorite 4.

Here’s a rundown of the top 4 tips that we loved:

1) Say no

We often overextend ourselves and say yes to any task because of fear of letting people down. Be selfish. Say no if you know that you cannot handle any extra tasks, or if you generally don’t have any interest in whatever you’re being asked to participate in. It’ll help decrease the stress in your life, and will most likely benefit the person asking for help because they’ll be able to find someone who is actually interested in the position and will be willing to commit more time to it.


2) Plan ahead

Make a plan about what you want to accomplish throughout the day. Planning your day down to the second might sound stressful (and a little extreme), but giving yourself at least a rough outline of the day ahead and what tasks you need to complete will help you manage stress and cope with any unplanned interruptions that are likely to occur. Planning out your day will also help you identify what areas you need help with. For example, if you find yourself constantly trying to keep up with grocery shopping for the week, give us a call! We’re pro shoppers and (oddly enough) we actually enjoy it!


3) Ask for help

We consider this to be one of the most important suggestions. It can be so difficult to admit that you can’t handle it all. Whether that help comes from your friends, family, or even from hiring an errand service like A Second Me, asking for help is one of the most beneficial reducers of stress. Not only will you build closer bonds with those that you work with and who help support you, but you’ll give yourself a bit of a mental reprieve, which is always essential to keeping sane and tackling every day as it comes!


4) Positive self-talk and re-framing

When you’re stuck in a rut or disappointed that you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted to in one day, it can be easy to feel down about yourself. This vicious cycle makes the day even worse as we start to question what we could have done differently, or why we weren’t as motivated to meet our unrealistic standards. When you find yourself beginning to think negatively, stop, and think about everything that you have accomplished to get to the position that you’re in today. There are many small accomplishments in a day that we take for granted. Even driving to work in the morning is an accomplishment! Think about what could have gone wrong on the way. You could have gotten a flat tire, or you car could have not started. Remind yourself of every small accomplishment and suddenly, your disappointments won’t feel so prominent.


We hope that you’ll find some of our favorite 4 tips helpful, and that you begin to mitigate the stress in your life! Don’t forget that A Second Me will always be here as your support system to help you along the way.

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