Copy Yourself…In the Kitchen!

by Karen on May 8, 2017

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are considered your duplicate when it comes to completing your everyday tasks that you need help with. Whether the tasks are organization related, errand related, or even companionship related, we will complete every single task with the same quality and care as if you were doing it yourself. Although we offer so many services, we wanted to specifically highlight our most growing service, help that’s kitchen related! Read below for some of the things that we commonly offer to our customers and how you can copy yourself in the kitchen!


Meal Planning

A Second Me Meal Planning

Figuring out what to eat for the week can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone for someone who is constantly busy or who has a difficult time making it to the grocery store alone. Instead of struggling to plan nutritious and delicious meals to eat for the week, hire A Second Me to help you plan your meals. We’d be happy to come over, discuss what foods you like and dislike, and help sift through recipes until you’re happy with the menu that we’ve created for your week of meals.

We have had a lot of experience in the area and can help you with some of the knowledge and expertise that we’ve gained over the past couple of years. We’d be happy to suggest any of our favorite recipes, or even suggest some meals that are delicious, but do not take long to make. We can even help you specifically plan out your meals so that you have leftovers from dinner for lunch everyday, for example. Just give us a call or send us an email and we can get the planning ball rolling!


Grocery Shopping

A Second Me Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is commonly thought of as an errand, and while it does require one to drive from their house, find groceries, and wait in line to purchase them, grocery shopping is at the heart of any mealtime. Without the proper groceries, you can either be left with nothing to eat, or stumped trying to figure out how exactly to pair deli meat with a banana for dinner.

This is where we come in. At A Second Me we can help to ensure that each mealtime is planned ahead and that you have your kitchen stocked with any ingredients you need for your weekly meal plan. Simply give us a list, a budget, and your preferred store for us to shop at, and we’ll pick up everything on the list. Our services trump personal shopping and online grocery shopping that grocery stores offer because we ensure that we are shopping with your interests in mind and taking great care to ensure the upmost quality of products for your dollar.


Meal Prepping

A Second Me Meal Prepping

In addition to potentially helping you plan your meals out and purchasing your groceries for the week, we can also help you prep your meals after you’ve received your groceries. Meal prepping can save you time, keep you from grabbing unhealthy food options, can offer freezer ready dishes for busy nights when you don’t have time to cook dinner, and can even save you money offering you the convenience of an already cooked meal; in addition to guaranteeing your food won’t go to waste.

Our staff at A Second Me can help you cook your meals for the week, package them so that they’re easy and accessible for you throughout the week, and even simply help you prep in terms of chopping vegetables and meats to save you time or to help you or your loved ones if you don’t feel comfortable doing so yourself. We’re here to help you and want to make your lives as easy as possible, including in the kitchen!


Refrigerator/Freezer Organization

A Second Me Refrigerator/Freezer Organization

In addition to helping you plan, purchase, and prepare meals for the week, we can also help you clean and organize your refrigerator and freezer so that you have room to store all of your meals! Having a clean and organized fridge and freezer allows you to find the foods that you’re searching for more quickly, and it can even save you from buying duplicates of groceries that you thought you had. We’ve all been through the struggle of searching to find a food item in the fridge, only to discover that it’s expired and we can’t use it anyway. Avoid this lousy situation, do yourself a favor, and hire A Second Me to organize and clean out your fridge and freezer.




If you’re interested in any of the services that we offer to help copy yourself in the kitchen, give us a call, send us an email, or even comment on this blog post or on social media and we’d be happy to arrange a discussion of what you specifically need help with. Eating and planning healthy meals can be difficult, but when you have someone to help you or your loved ones plan, it can get a lot easier.

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