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by Karen on June 9, 2017

If you’ve checked out our website recently, you may have noticed that our staff bios page has changed a bit, and we’ve added two new members to the A Second Me team! However, if you haven’t gotten a chance to read the staff bios page, are a new customer, or thinking about hiring our services, we figured that we would give you the opportunity to learn a little more about our amazing team that serve as your “clones” when you need some extra help checking items off of your to do list.


Karen Prante

Karen Prante (A Second Me Owner)Karen is the founder and president of A Second Me, and often helps with completing tasks for A Second Me customers. Karen founded A Second Me because she had first-hand experience juggling children, a full time job, and caring for an aging parent and wished that she had had a service like A Second Me to help her. Now that she’s running A Second Me, she’s dedicated to ensuring our customers have an enjoyable experience working with A Second Me and receive the best quality help possible that she would have liked to have when she was juggling a career and being a caretaker.


Julie Propst

Julie Propst (Office Staff and Errand Expert)Julie supports Karen with running A Second Me, and is also one of our “Errand Experts.” Julie was originally the caretaker of Karen’s aging mother, and worked incredibly well offering Karen and her mother support and assistance when necessary. When Karen founded A Second Me, Julie was her first hire and has been with the company since the beginning. Julie’s experience and love for cooking and gardening make her a good match to any customer seeking to copy themselves with A Second Me’s services.



Colleen Dearing

Colleen Dearing (Errand Expert)Colleen is another errand expert working for A Second Me, and she loves connecting with our customers! Colleen was a full time hairdresser and then became a stay-at-home mom to raise her children. Now that her children are older, Colleen is happy with how meaningful her work is at A Second Me, and truly enjoys making a positive impact on A Second Me’s customers. Colleen also loves to travel, so she may be your go-to if you need some new travel inspiration!



Jeanine Seidou

Jeanine Seidou (Errand Expert)Jeanine brings an interesting set of skills to A Second Me as an errand expert. She was born and raised in Tongo, West Africa, and speaks English and French. Jeanine has three children of her own, so she knows how difficult it can be to accomplish every task on your to-do list! She has a lot of experience multitasking and doesn’t mind going grocery shopping or picking up various items that you need. If you love languages as well, request to work with Jeanine!



Linda Fuller

Linda Fuller (Errand Expert)As an errand expert and business operations consultant, Linda helps A Second Me keep on track by offering advice and guidance all things business related. Before joining the team at A Second Me, Linda owned her own floral shop and handled her own marketing, advertising, insurance needs, financial analysis, and administrative tasks. After selling her business, Linda was an independent caregiver and worked part time for a local care company. In 2015, Linda joined the team, and we’re happy she did! Linda and Karen are both avid gardeners and take any chance to enjoy the natural world, especially with A Second Me clients.



Mollis Cottingham

Mollis Cottingham (Errand Expert)Running around after two school-age boys, Mollis has plenty of experience multitasking. Mollis is a new member of the team at A Second Me, and we’re happy to have her! Mollis worked previously as a legal assistant, substitute teacher, and event planner. She has plenty of research experience and experience planning events; making her strengths ideal for any client who needs help with organization, planning events for loved ones, or even someone who needs some extra help doing research to find a new place to live or new recipes to try.



Lili Borken-Hagen

Lili Borken-Hagen (Errand Expert)Lili is the newest member of the A Second Me team and, like Jeanine, has an international background. Lili lived in Chile and worked for an insurance company for 20 years before she became a lawyer. After moving to the United States, Lili wanted to continue to help people and thought that A Second Me would be a great fit. In addition to spending time with customers and helping them run errands and stay organized, Lili enjoys painting, gardening, and going to dance lessons with her husband.

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