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by Karen on July 7, 2017

Browsing through our site can offer loads of information for those looking to get to know A Second Me a little better. Learn about our team members, read some testimonials from previous clients, and learn some helpful tips as well as read personal stories from our team over on our blog site. While we do provide a list of services with pricing on our site, our services are continually changing depending on the clients that we’re working with and it would be impossible to list every single task that we’ve ever done!

To help clarify what we do offer to our clients, we’ve decided to break down our services into broad categories to help you identify whether we can help with a specific task or not. If all else fails, feel free to comment on this blog and ask, or contact us directly through our site or on our social media platforms!



Meal prepping with A Second MeIn addition to being a personal sidekick ready to help with any scheduling needs, A Second Me also offers an enormous amount of organization services that will help keep you an
d your family functioning at top efficiency. A Second Me can help with light organizational tasks like cleaning out your closet and bringing items to be donated away, or even with organizing meals for you and your loved ones for the week by helping with meal prepping. Organization is one of our broadest categories, entailing a boatload of tasks that we can help you with. Just think about it this way, if there’s a list of to-dos that you’ve been meaning to attend to, it’ll most likely under the category of organization and we can help you out!



A Second Me shops for youWe’re not called A Second Me errand service for nothing! We can help with any errand related task like going to the grocery store for you to pick up some essentials, driving around town to pick up dry cleaning and prescriptions, and even pick up gifts for your loved ones so that you can avoid waiting in those pesky register lines during the weekend. If it involves waiting in line, we’re pretty much able to do it and are happy to help you out.


Senior Care

A Second me and Senior CareWhile we enjoy helping clients organize and run errands at any age, we take special pride in our senior care services. Caring for senior clients includes any of the prior mentioned services in the organization and errands section like meal prepping, grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions. However, for seniors we commonly do laundry, dishes, light housekeeping, seasonal home decoration, watering plants inside and outside the home, as well as general household maintenance like changing the light bulbs. For specific clients we’ll also do light weeding, clean out the fridge, change the food in the bird feeder, help tour and search for new places to live, go shopping with clients, and offer companionship services by taking them to the movies or out to eat. We take great care in our quality of care and want to help you and your loved ones to the best of our ability.

As you can see, A Second Me, LLC has a broad range of services that we help with. Hopefully breaking down our services into three categories will help you figure out whether we can assist you or not. But, like we mentioned earlier, feel free to contact us on social media, comment on this blog post, or contact us directly through our site to figure out if A Second Me is the right service for you.

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