How A Second Me Brings Families Together

by Karen on September 18, 2017
Hiring someone to help your elderly family members prep their meals, keep them company throughout the day, and even run errands for them may sound like a counter intuitive way of creating a closer bond with your loved ones. But, we’ve found that hiring A Second Me, LLC to do these things could bring you and your family closer together.

Think of it this way, if you were responsible for taking care of your children, balancing a full time career, and aiding your elderly parents or family members with prepping their meals and running errands for them, it’s safe to say that you would be pretty stressed out. Some people handle stress better than others, but oftentimes when you’re stressed you don’t communicate as well as you usually do, and seem to be thinking about the next thing on your to-do list. Even if you’re committed to trying to maintain these close relationships, stress often gets in the way.

Now imagine that you didn’t have to run errands and meal prep for your elderly family members. With this extra time, you’ll be able to stop worrying about completing endless to-dos and spend quality time with them – something that the both of you may need and cherish.

A Second Me also provides opportunities for you to spend even more time with your family by taking care of your own pesky errands that always seem to keep you away from home. Imagine being able to go straight home after work without having to get groceries, pick up medication, or purchase random items that your children may need. You’ll be able to go home, hang out with your family, and maybe even do some things that make you happy without worrying about putting off other tasks.

A Second Me, LLC allows you to duplicate yourself to give you more hours in the day, and more hours in the day means spending more time relaxing and building connections with family members. We’d like to think that we’re helping people grow these relationships, and we hope to continue to fulfill this mission every single day.

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