Volunteer Services and A Second Me

by Karen on October 20, 2017

Care Taking at A Second MeWhen it comes to taking care of others, each family has a unique approach to meet the needs of their aging parents, friends, or loved ones. Some manage to personally care for their loved ones and may not need any help completing tasks or checking off errands on a to-do list. Some may need extra help with food preparation and may turn to volunteer services to help manage the needs of aging loved ones. Others may need more general help in which a service such as A Second Me may help with running errands, meal prepping, and coordinating with you and your loved one’s schedule. There is no right or wrong way to take care for a family member, but we’ve broken down the differences between volunteer services and services that A Second Me provides to help you figure out exactly which options fit you and your family best.


Volunteer Services

Meals On Wheels Logo - A Volunteer ServiceVolunteer services such as Meals on Wheels can be a great solution for your family. Meals on Wheels prides itself on delivering nutritious meals to your loved ones ensuring that each visit is a positive experience that clients can look forward to. Meals on Wheels also provides a safety check when delivering each meal. They will check that your loved one is safe and that no emergencies or problems have occurred in your absence. Payments vary regarding your meals, as well as if your loved one qualifies to receive the meals delivered to their home. Generally, if your loved one is over the age of 60 and is able to leave their residence, they are encouraged to visit senior centers and community centers to interact with others and enjoy a nutritious meal in a public setting. If it is difficult or impossible for your loved one to leave their home, Meals on Wheels may deliver to you. Check out their website for more details and to find a program.


A Second Me
ASMLogoWhile Meals on Wheels may be a great option for some who simply need help with ensuring that their loved ones are receiving a nutritious meal, scheduling and the need for more help may make hiring an errand service like A Second Me a better option. Karen Prante, the owner of A Second Me, has had personal experience with care taking and realized that she needed more than just someone to deliver meals to her mother. She cherished spending time with her mother, but was so busy trying to get everything done on her mother’s to-do list that they were both unable to spend quality time together. As soon as she checked one thing off of her to-do list, another one appeared that kept her constantly busy. In cases like this, A Second Me may be a better option for you because our services work around your schedule, your needs, and are completely personalized to your specific situation. We can pick up specific medications for you, meal prep meals for you, and even go grocery shopping for you and your loved one, saving you time and eliminating stress. Check out A Second Me here to learn more about our staff and the services we provide.

Whether you’re deciding to take on care taking for yourself, hire a volunteer service to help you, or hire an errand service to help with your entire to-do list, there is no shame in asking for help regardless of your situation or your preferences. Do some research first, ask some friends for references, and before you know it stress will be a thing of the past.

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