Holiday Shopping Made Easy

by Karen on December 1, 2017

During the holidays there’s nothing better than spending time with family, eating holiday food together, and giving a gift that you know will be a hit. The holidays are a magical time spent relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family that you may not have seen all year. This magical time is usually filled with joy, but preparing for those joyous occasions can often lead to stress. Managing multiple schedules, purchasing gifts, and preparing for holiday meal festivities are a lot to handle—in addition to waiting in all of those holidays lines! A Second Me is here to help. We’ve battled the holiday frenzy more times than we can count and know exactly how to avoid the crazy lines and stress that the holidays cause. Let us wait in line for you, help you meal prep for your holiday feast, and even battle the hoards of people and shop for you. In the meantime, check out these top tips that we’ve found to minimize the stress and focus on the joy of the holidays.


Make a List

A Second Me - Holiday PlanningOne of the biggest time savers is making a list. Making lists help you stay focused when you’re juggling multiple tasks and can help you organize your thoughts. One of the most helpful lists that we’ve made is a list of potential gifts for friends and family. Keep the list somewhere nearby, like in your phone, and when a friend or family member mentions something that would make a great gift, write it down. That way, even before the holiday season has started, you already know what gifts you want to buy and may have already had the opportunity to buy them before the holiday frenzy sets in.


Shop Early

A Second Me - Shop EarlyEveryone knows the saying “the early bird gets the worm.” This saying couldn’t be truer during the holiday season. Try to plan in advance as early as you can to avoid stress and the long lines that come with the holiday season. Shopping in advance may also mean that you can save a few extra bucks because you won’t fall prey to prices that have been increased due to the holidays. If you don’t have time to do shopping earlier, contact A Second Me! We’d be happy to go through your holiday shopping list and find you the best deals both online and in stories.


Avoid Black Friday

A Second Me - Stay At Home This may not be a common tip, but avoid doing most of your shopping during Black Friday. If you’ve been planning on buying a gift and know that you can get a good deal on it during Black Friday, brave the lines. Doing all of your shopping on Black Friday may not be your best choice, however. Black Friday shopping is exciting and causes adrenaline to course through your body trying to fight the crowds and get the best deal, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the frenzy and buy things that you didn’t plan on purchasing because the deal is too enticing. Black Friday is great for odds and ends, but don’t rely on it to get all of your holiday gifts.


The holiday season is exciting and it sneaks up faster than you expect. So make a list, plan ahead, and shop early. If you need some help, contact A Second Me. We’re pros at facing the holiday frenzy and can help keep your holiday season full of joy and relaxation.

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