Our New Blog Mash Up!!

by Karen on October 21, 2013

We’re so excited about starting our new blog…we plan to enjoy it and hope you’ll join us.

If you follow our newsletter, you know we’re interested in all sorts of things – it’s what our business leads us into.  Our job is to do all the jobs where you could use some help.  Those jobs take us from the kitchen to the closet to the grocer and beyond.  We have learned so much from our clients and our research – and we plan to share.

Our inaugural post is comfort food.  If posts could carry the smell of apples simmering in cider, then’d we really be able to share the whole experience with you!

Addie and apples - picking and munching.

Ever gone apple picking?  We have – it’s a tradition of great fun and great quantities of apples.

Farm Life at the Apple Picking

Communing with nature is never overrated when you live in the DC area….

We recommend Hartland Orchards for a day out with the kids – there are the apples, but your kids can also bounce on a ginormous inflated pillow (ya gotta see it).  Cows and ducks and ponds go without saying.  It’s a 50 mile trek out 66.  Straight shot for most of us.

Wash and toss

It’s so easy – start with a wash. You know where they’ve been….

Wash and Cut

Rough chop.  Neatness does not count.  This is not Martha’s applesauce.

Takes more than one giant pot

Boil, boil, toil and trouble.  It is that time of year.  We had enough for multiple pots – make a bunch while you’re at it!

The best use for a ricer.

Go old school European – a ricer gives you the best part and leaves the ick behind.

Bubbling Sauce

And yum.  Warm and wonderful – spiced up a bit. Lovin’ it.

If you want to do this at your house – your family can help and will love you for it – the official recipe is from Smart Markets.  Click it to see how it’s no more complicated than our follow the pictures rendition of it.  We promise.

Whew – so that’s our first blog post.  It was as enjoyable as we suspected it would be – so you’re in luck, there will be more to come!



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