Mission Main Street – Small Business Rules!

by Karen on June 2, 2015

For those of you who know A Second Me up close and personal, you know that we’re all about supporting local, small, the old “Main Street” business model that we all know and love.  Just because Main Street isn’t what it was back-in-the-day, doesn’t mean small businesses aren’t thriving and making a difference!

Karen Prante, owner of A Second Me, has always had that entrepreneurial bug in her ear.  Even while she was working the Fortune 500 scene for a decade or two.  She knew small business was the place to be, and four years ago, she made it happen – A Second Me was created from her experience and bright ideas.

To celebrate small business week this year, Chase launched its annual Mission Main Street Grant program.  Chase and LinkedIn joined forces to give 20 small businesses what they need most – a boost.  Yes, cash.  Lots of it. But also exposure and training for online marketing.


So A Second Me would love a boost this year – we’re poised to grow and expand our services, and a grant from Chase, would make it happen NOW vs. gradual growth over years.  We need your help to make it so.

The Chase grant application is our problem – we’ll tell Chase what so many of you already know.  That A Second Me is a great part of our local small business community and that a grant from them would expand our reach and support of our marketplace.

All we need from you is a couple clicks to vote for us!  If you’d be so willing to just click the link below, and you’ll see this page:

We’ve shown you the zip code to enter – 22030. The only other requirement is that you be signed into Facebook on the browser window you’re using (aren’t we usually already doing that!?).  Hit the search button and scroll down, and you’ll see:

Main Street Grant scroll downAll you have to do is click HERE and VOTE NOW. Karen and A Second Me will finish off the required 250 votes.  It’s doable – we just need a bit more “attention” to catch Chase’s attention!

Thanks for your continued support of A Second Me – we hope we can grow and thrive and serve you all for years to come!

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