Super Human, or Sandwich Generation?

by Karen on January 26, 2017

Super DadBeep…beep…beep…your good morning wake up call at 5:00 AM every morning. You slowly drag yourself out of bed and shuffle to the kitchen for coffee. An essential item every morning to prepare for the long day ahead. First off, wake up children, make breakfast for children, and help them get ready. Leave by 7 to pick up neighbor’s kids on the way to the school. Drop off own kids, neighbor’s kids, and ensure you don’t forget to pick them up at 3 PM. Okay, easy enough. Next, drive to pharmacy to pick up medication for ailing mother. On the way, stop at grocery store to pick up food for mom, food for brother who got into a car accident and can’t drive, and food for yourself and children, because pizza is not a food group. Next, call doctors office to schedule check-up appointments for children, annual check-up for yourself (joy), and last minute appointment for mom. Okay, bearable. Next, drive to brother’s house and drop off food and organize all items in the fridge so that he can access them from his wheelchair. Be friendly, and don’t show signs of stress. Next, drive to mom’s house and drop off groceries and medication for her. Ensure caretaker is at the house and prepping for lunch. Call caretaking company and schedule services for rest of month and arrange payments. Drive back home, sit for 5 minutes and leave to pick up kids and neighbor’s kids from school. Drive kids around to extracurriculars for rest of the afternoon. Come home, cook dinner, get kids into bed, flop into your own bed. Repeat.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the daily struggles of the sandwich generation. Tasked with raising their own children while simultaneously taking care of ailing parents and family members, those in the sandwich generation often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and usually do not receive any reprieve. With not enough hours in the day, what is someone to do when they must run countless errands, take care of their parents and children, while attempting to retain their own quality of life? This is where A Second Me, LLC swoops in to save the day.

A Second Me, LLC is an errand service that allows you to copy yourself. Specializing in assistance with senior care, special needs care, and organization in all areas of life, A Second Me, LLC is the solution for the sandwich generation. Need to drop off clothes for donation that have been sitting in your car for the past month? Call A Second Me. Want to finally organize your garage so that you can actually fit your car in it? Call A Second Me. Need help prepping meals for your parents? Call A Second Me.

We want you to be able to enjoy time with your children and your parents, while maintaining your career and passions to improve quality of life. How about this once, you put your feet up, start that book you’ve been meaning to read, and call A Second Me to help you with your countless tasks. Hand your cape over, and let A Second Me be the superhero for the day.



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