Dementia Friendly America- Herndon, Va

by Karen on March 21, 2018

Last week Karen attended a presentation about the Herndon Dementia Friendly program. She found that in Fairfax county alone, 140,000 citizens suffer from some form of dementia. Dementia Friendly America Network has formed a branch in Herndon, Virginia that aims to create a community of respectful and understanding members. Dementia Friendly Herndon offers workshops to teach the community about awareness and recognition of dementia. Businesses have the opportunity to become dementia friendly through one hour workshops focusing on actions one can take to support those living with dementia.

From neighborhoods and faith communities to banks and government services, creating a dementia friendly community takes five steps:

  1. Raise awareness for those suffering by creating an understanding community.
  2. Design spaces with dementia in mind.
  3. Increase the availability of healthcare and social services specifically for dementia needs.
  4. Provide support centers for families and caregivers with resources and help networks.
  5. Design programs providing emotional support and respite for caregivers.


For more information regarding Dementia Friendly Herndon, visit their website and check out their video about dementia friendly communities at

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