Services For The Busy Professional And Their Families


Working Mother Helpers

Families these days create to do lists that are truly impossible to “finish” since each day brings additional tasks – and multiply thanks to kids and work schedules that can intimidate the bravest of parents. We have all had that moment where we wonder what it would be like to have someone at home while we’re at work – someone who could be stocking the fridge, making arrangements for repairs, returning unwanted items, even paying bills. A Second Me can take the job of keeping house off your day job list.  You come home to tasks done vs tasks you have to get done.  Having help can make all the difference in your family’s quality of life.

Find out what it feels like to be at two places at once! While you’re working, your “Second Me” is busy running your errands so you can relax when you get home. Contact us today to assign us those tasks on your list that take your time away from what matters.

Busy Professional & Family Services Suggested Errand Services Other Suggested Services
  • Medical: doctors, therapy, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist
  • Cosmetic: haircut, spa, pedicure
  • Home Repair: landscaping, mowing, power washing, painting, plumbing, electrical, AC
  • Estimates
  • Computer repair referral
  • Arrange technical support
  • Basic training: email setup/use, Internet, Facebook, MS Office
  • Internet research
  • File organization
  • Tax/Accountant referral
  • Legal: Notary, Lawyer referral
  • Groceries
  • Gift purchases
  • Gift wrapping
  • Mailing gifts
  • Handling returns/exchanges
  • Holiday shopping


  • Library pickup/return
  • Dry cleaning
  • Meal pickup
  • Mail management
  • Post office pickup/drop-off
  • Prescription ordering & pickup
  • Pickup x-rays
  • Video rental pickup & return
  • Garden
  • Kids
  • Reminders
  • Party Planning
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Vendor Referrals